Florida State University

Florian Duclot

Biomedical Sciences
MSR 3300


Recent Publications
Duclot F, Perez-Taboada I, Wright KN, Kabbaj M, Prediction of individual differences in fear response by novelty seeking, and disruption of contextual fear memory reconsolidation by ketamine., Neuropharmacology, 2016 PubMed
Duclot F, Wang H, Youssef C, Liu Y, Wang Z, Kabbaj M, Trichostatin A (TSA) facilitates formation of partner preference in male prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster), Horm Behav, 2016 PubMed
Carrier N, Saland SK, Duclot F, He H, Mercer R, Kabbaj M, The Anxiolytic and Antidepressant-like Effects of Testosterone and Estrogen in Gonadectomized Male Rats, Biol Psychiatry, 2015 PubMed
Duclot F, Kabbaj M, The estrous cycle surpasses sex differences in regulating the transcriptome in the rat medial prefrontal cortex and reveals an underlying role of early growth response 1, Genome Biol, 2015 PubMed
Duclot F, Kabbaj M, Epigenetic mechanisms underlying the role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in depression and response to antidepressants, J Exp Biol, 2015 PubMed
Fang XQ, et al., Regulated internalization of NMDA receptors drives PKD1-mediated suppression of the activity of residual cell-surface NMDA receptors, Mol Brain, 2015 PubMed
Wright KN, Hollis F, Duclot F, Dossat AM, Strong CE, Francis TC, Mercer R, Feng J, Dietz DM, Lobo MK, Nestler EJ, Kabbaj M, Methyl supplementation attenuates cocaine-seeking behaviors and cocaine-induced c-Fos activation in a DNA methylation-dependent manner, J Neurosci, 2015 PubMed
Duclot F, Kabbaj M, Individual differences in novelty seeking predict subsequent vulnerability to social defeat through a differential epigenetic regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression, J Neurosci, 2013 PubMed
Wang H, Duclot F, Liu Y, Wang Z, Kabbaj M, Histone deacetylase inhibitors facilitate partner preference formation in female prairie voles, Nat Neurosci, 2013 PubMed
Duclot F, Hollis F, Darcy MJ, Kabbaj M, Individual differences in novelty-seeking behavior in rats as a model for psychosocial stress-related mood disorders, Physiol Behav, 2011 PubMed
Hollis F, Duclot F, Gunjan A, Kabbaj M, Individual differences in the effect of social defeat on anhedonia and histone acetylation in the rat hippocampus, Horm Behav, 2011 PubMed

Faculty Advisor

Mohamed Kabbaj, Biomedical Sciences

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