Florida State University

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience

Biomedical Sciences
MSR 3300B


Neuronal Plasticity, Receptor Biophysics, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
Current Research
Basic research in the Kumar laboratory is focused on synaptic physiology underlying neocortical function and plasticity. We are particularly interested in understanding the workings and role of glutamatergic AMPA and N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptors in these processes. Translational research efforts of the lab are focused on deciphering basic pathophysiological mechanisms underlying Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, the most common type of epilepsy in adults. Here, we seek to identify / isolate ictogenic cells and circuits within the parahippocampal region for the purposes of developing therapeutic / interventional strategies to combat TLE. We use a variety of tools and techniques with electrophysiology being the mainstay of our research.
Recent Publications
Alsaeedi HA, Koh AE, Lam C, Rashid MBA, Harun MHN, Saleh MFBM, Teh SW, Luu CD, Ng MH, Isa HM, Leow SN, Then KY, Bastion MC, Mok PL, Muthuvenkatachalam BS, Samrot AV, Swamy KB, Nandakumar J, Kumar SS, Dental pulp stem cells therapy overcome photoreceptor cell death and protects the retina in a rat model of sodium iodate-induced retinal degeneration, J Photochem Photobiol B, 2019 PubMed
Beesley S, Sullenberger T, Pilli J, Abbasi S, Gunjan A, Kumar SS , Colocalization of distinct NMDA receptor subtypes at excitatory synapses in the entorhinal cortex, J Neurophysiol, 2019 PubMed
Ashlesh P, Kumar SS, Preet KK, Vinay G, Deep brain stimulation of subthalamic nucleus helps in improving late phase motor planning in Parkinson's disease, Clin Neurol Neurosurg, 2017 PubMed
Kumar SS, Archana R, Mukkadan JK , Effect of vestibular stimulation on spatial and verbal memory in college students, Natl Med J India, 2017 PubMed
Abbasi S, Kumar SS., Layer-specific modulation of entorhinal cortical excitability by presubiculum in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy, J Neurophysiol, 2015 PubMed
Badisa RB, Kumar SS, Mazzio E, Haughbrook RD, Allen JR, Davidson MW, Fitch-Pye CA, Goodman CB, N-acetyl cysteine mitigates the acute effects of cocaine-induced toxicity in astroglia-like cells, PLoS One, 2015 PubMed

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