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Dr. Richard Bertram

Brennan Professor of Mathematics, Neuroscience, and Molecular Biophysics

LOV 109 and IMB 402


The mechanisms underlying pulsatile hormone secretion and patterned neural activity.
Current Research
Hormones are often secreted from endocrine cells in a pulsatile manner, and downstream targets respond optimally to pulsatile input, demonstrating a physiological significance of this pattern of secretion. One focus of the research done in my lab is the biophysical mechanisms underlying this pulsatility. Much of our work is on insulin-secreting beta cells that are located in pancreatic islets of Langerhans, and on cells of the pituitary gland that secrete hormones related to reproduction and stress. The other major focus of my lab is on mechanisms through which networks of neurons produce patterned behavior. In particular, we are examining the neural basis of birdsong production in the zebra finch, which serves as an excellent model system for learned patterned behavior. The techniques used in my lab are largely mathematical or computational, typically done in close collaboration with experimental labs.
Recent Publications
Adablah JE, Vinson R, Roper MG, Bertram R (2019). Synchronization of pancreatic islets by periodic or non-periodic muscarinic agonist pulse trains. PLoS One, 14(2):e0211832. PubMed
Aggarwal M, Cogan N, Bertram R (2019). Where to look and how to look: Combining global sensitivity analysis with fast/slow analysis to study multi-timescale oscillations. Math Biosci, 314:1-12. PubMed
Bertram R, Kehrenberg C, Seinige D, Krischek C (2019). Peracetic acid reduces Campylobacter spp. on turkey skin: Effects of a spray treatment on microbial load, sensory and meat quality during storage. PLoS One, 98(10):5064-507398(10):5064-5073. PubMed
Bertram R, Kehrenberg C, Seinige D, Krischek C (2019). Peracetic acid reduces Campylobacter spp. numbers and total viable counts on broiler breast muscle and drumstick skins during modified atmosphere package storage. Poult Sci, 98(10):5064-5073. PubMed
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Hubbeling D, Wong A, Bertram R (2019). Diversity is important. J R Soc Med, 112(3):88. PubMed
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Shaughnessy DW, Hyson RL, Bertram R, Wu W, Johnson F (2019). Female zebra finches do not sing yet share neural pathways necessary for singing in males. J Comp Neurol, 527(4):843-855. PubMed
Vo T, Bertram R (2019). Why pacing frequency affects the production of early afterdepolarizations in cardiomyocytes: An explanation revealed by slow-fast analysis of a minimal model. Phys Rev E, 99(5-1). PubMed
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Bertram R, Rubin JE (2017). Multi-timescale systems and fast-slow analysis. Mathematical Biosciences, 105-121. PubMed
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Weingard D, Blanco W, Steinbock O, Bertram R (2017). Stabilization of collapsing scroll waves in systems with random heterogeneities. Chaos, 27(4):043108. PubMed
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Mechler L, Bonetti EJ, Reichert S, Flötenmeyer M, Schrenzel J, Bertram R, François P, Götz F (2016). Daptomycin Tolerance in the Staphylococcus aureus pitA6 Mutant Is Due to Upregulation of the dlt Operon. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 60(5):2684-91. PubMed
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Helena CV, Toporikova N, Kalil B, Stathopoulos AM, Pogrebna VV, Carolino RO, Anselmo-Franci JA, Bertram R (2015). KNDy Neurons Modulate the Magnitude of the Steroid-Induced Luteinizing Hormone Surges in Ovariectomized Rats. Endocrinology, 156(2):600-12. PubMed
Peercy BE, Sherman AS, Bertram R (2015). Modeling of glucose-induced cAMP oscillations in pancreatic beta cells: cAMP rocks when metabolism rolls. Biophys J, 109(2):439-49. PubMed

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