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Dr. Robert Contreras



Roles of early dietary experience, taste, hormones, and the brain in control of appetite, energy balance, and blood pressure regulation. Special focus is on plasticity, hypertension, and obesity. Analyses include behavioral, physiological, and anatomical approaches.
Current Research
The research focuses on how the rodent peripheral gustatory system codes information about taste quality and intensity, as well as how internal (e.g. sodium deprivation, hormone levels) and external (e.g. stimulus temperature) factors influence coding using electrophysiological recording methods of whole nerve and single-cell responses and parallel psychophysical studies of taste-mediated behavior.
Recent Publications
Allman BR, Morrissey MC, Kim JS, Panton LB, Contreras RJ, Hickner RC, Ormsbee MJ (2020). Lipolysis and Fat Oxidation Are Not Altered with Presleep Compared with Daytime Casein Protein Intake in Resistance-Trained Women. J Nutr, 47-54. PubMed
Allman BR, Morrissey MC, Kim JS, Panton LB, Contreras RJ, Hickner RC, Ormsbee MJ (2019). Fat metabolism and acute resistance exercise in trained women. J Appl Physiol, 739-745. PubMed
Martin LE, Nikonova LV, Kay K, Paedae AB, Contreras RJ, Torregrossa AM (2018). Salivary proteins alter taste-guided behaviors and taste nerve signaling in rat. Physiol Behav, 150-161. PubMed
Xiao J, Cain A, Purcell SA, Ormsbee MJ, Contreras RJ, Kim JS, Thornberry R, Springs D, Gonzalez MC, Prado CM (2018). Sarcopenic obesity and health outcomes in patients seeking weight loss treatment. Clin Nutr ESPEN, 79-83. PubMed
Mast TG, Breza JM, Contreras RJ (2017). Thirst Increases Chorda Tympani Responses to Sodium Chloride. Chem Senses, 675-681. PubMed
Khamoui AV, Park BS, Kim DH, Yeh MC, Oh SL, Elam ML, Jo E, Arjmandi BH, Salazar G, Grant SC, Contreras RJ, Lee WJ, Kim JS (2016). Aerobic and resistance training dependent skeletal muscle plasticity in the colon-26 murine model of cancer cachexia. Metabolism, 685-98. PubMed
Kinsey AW, Cappadona SR, Panton LB, Allman BR, Contreras RJ, Hickner RC, Ormsbee MJ (2016). The Effect of Casein Protein Prior to Sleep on Fat Metabolism in Obese Men.. Nutrients, 8(8):452. PubMed
Lu B, Breza JM, Contreras RJ (2016). Temperature Influences Chorda Tympani Nerve Responses to Sweet, Salty, Sour, Umami, and Bitter Stimuli in Mice. Chem Senses, . PubMed
Mojock CD, Ormsbee MJ, Kim JS, Arjmandi BH, Louw GA, Contreras RJ, Panton LB. (2016). Comparisons of Bone Mineral Density Between Recreational and Trained Male Road Cyclists.. Clin J Sport Med, 152-6. PubMed
Ormsbee MJ, Gorman KA, Miller EA, Baur DA, Eckel LA, Contreras RJ, Panton LB, Spicer MT (2016). Nighttime feeding likely alters morning metabolism but not exercise performance in female athletes. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab, 719-27. PubMed
Zourdos MC, Jo E, Khamoui AV, Lee SR, Park BS, Ormsbee MJ, Panton LB, Contreras RJ, Kim JS (2016). Modified Daily Undulating Periodization Model Produces Greater Performance Than a Traditional Configuration in Powerlifters. J Strength Cond Res, 784-91. PubMed

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