Florida State University

Yan Liu

Research Associate Professor

PDB B232


My research interests include understanding the neural and neurochemical mechanisms regulating social behavior and underpinning social- and drug-reward interactions. I am also interested in the effects of social environment on adult neurogenesis and its associated social behaviors.
Recent Publications
Gobrogge KL, Jia X, Liu Y, and Wang ZX , Neurochemical Mediation of Affiliation and Aggression Associated With Pair-Bonding, Biol Psychiatry, 2016 PubMed
Smith AS, Tabbaa M, Lei K, Eastham P, Butler MJ, Linton L, Altshuler R, Liu Y, and Wang ZX, Local oxytocin tempers anxiety by activating GABAA receptors in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus, Psychoneuroendocrinology, 2016 PubMed
Young, KA, Liu, Y, Gobrogge, KL, Wang, H, Wang ZX, Oxytocin reverses amphetamine-induced deficits in social bonding: evidence for an interaction with nucleus accumbens dopamine, J Neurosci, 2014 PubMed
Liu Y, Lieberwirth C, Jia X, Curtis JT, Meredith M, Wang ZX, Chemosensory cues affect amygdaloid neurogenesis and alter behaviors in the socially monogamous prairie vole, Eur J Neurosci, 2014 PubMed
Lieberwirth C, Wang Y, Jia X, Liu Y, Wang Z., Fatherhood reduces the survival of adult-generated cells and affects various types of behavior in the prairie vole (Microtus ochrogaster ), Eur J Neurosci, 2013 PubMed
Wang H, Duclot F, Liu Y, Wang Z, Kabbaj M., Histone deacetylase inhibitors facilitate partner preference formation in female prairie voles, Nat Neurosci, 2013 PubMed
Liu Y, Young KA, Curtis JT, Aragona BJ, Wang Z., Social bonding decreases the rewarding properties of amphetamine through a dopamine D1 receptor-mediated mechanism, J Neurosci, 2011 PubMed
Liu Y, Aragona BJ, Young KA, Dietz DM, Kabbaj M, Mazei-Robison M, Nestler EJ, Wang Z., Nucleus accumbens dopamine mediates amphetamine-induced impairment of social bonding in a monogamous rodent species, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2010 PubMed
Gobrogge KL, Liu Y, Young LJ, Wang Z., Anterior hypothalamic vasopressin regulates pair-bonding and drug-induced aggression in a monogamous rodent, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2009 PubMed
Aragona BJ1, Liu Y, Yu YJ, Curtis JT, Detwiler JM, Insel TR, Wang Z., Nucleus accumbens dopamine differentially mediates the formation and maintenance of monogamous pair bonds, Nat Neurosci, 2006 PubMed
Aragona BJ, Liu Y, Curtis JT, Stephan FK, Wang Z., A critical role for nucleus accumbens dopamine in partner-preference formation in male prairie voles, J Neurosci, 2003 PubMed
Liu Y, Wang ZX, Nucleus accumbens oxytocin and dopamine interact to regulate pair bond formation in female prairie voles, Neuroscience, 2003 PubMed
Fowler CD, Liu Y, Ouimet C, Wang Z., The effects of social environment on adult neurogenesis in the female prairie vole, J Neurobiol, 2002 PubMed
Liu Y, Fowler CD, Young LJ, Yan Q, Insel TR, Wang Z., Expression and estrogen regulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene and protein in the forebrain of female prairie voles, J Comp Neurol, 2001 PubMed
Liu Y, Curtis JT, Wang Z., Vasopressin in the lateral septum regulates pair bond formation in male prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster), Behav Neurosci, 2001 PubMed
Liu Y, Curtis JT, Fowler CD, Spencer C, Houpt T, Wang ZX., Differential expression of vasopressin, oxytocin and corticotrophin-releasing hormone messenger RNA in the paraventricular nucleus of the prairie vole brain following stress, J Neuroendocrinol, 2001 PubMed

Faculty Advisor

Zuoxin Wang, Psychology

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