Florida State University

Dale Bosco

Postdoctoral Associate
Biomedical Sciences


Recent Publications
Feng L, Murugan M, Bosco DB, Liu Y, Peng J, Worrell GA, Wang HL, Ta LE, Richardson JR, Shen Y, Wu LJ (2019). Microglial proliferation and monocyte infiltration contribute to microgliosis following status epilepticus. Glia, 1434-1448. PubMed
Liu YU, Ying Y, Li Y, Eyo UB, Chen T, Zheng J, Umpierre AD, Zhu J, Bosco DB, Dong H, Wu LJ (2019). Neuronal network activity controls microglial process surveillance in awake mice via norepinephrine signaling. Nat Neurosci, 1771-1781. PubMed
Mo M, Eyo UB, Xie M, Peng J, Bosco DB, Umpierre AD, Zhu X, Tian DS, Xu P, Wu LJ (2019). Microglial P2Y12 Receptor Regulates Seizure-Induced Neurogenesis and Immature Neuronal Projections. J Neurosci, 9453-9464. PubMed
Qin C, Zhou LQ, Ma XT, Hu ZW, Yang S, Chen M, Bosco DB, Wu LJ, Tian DS (2019). Dual Functions of Microglia in Ischemic Stroke. Neurosci Bull, 921-933. PubMed
Bosco DB, Zheng J, Xu Z, Peng J, Eyo UB, Tang K, Yan C, Huang J, Feng L, Wu G, Richardson JR, Wang H, Wu LJ (2018). RNAseq analysis of hippocampal microglia after kainic acid-induced seizures. Mol Brain, . PubMed
Kenworthy R, Bosco DB, DeLigio JT, Zorio DAR (2018). Micro-RNA149 confers taxane resistance to malignant mesothelioma cells via regulation of P-glycoprotein expression. Cancer Biol Ther, 181-187. PubMed
Qin C, Liu Q, Hu ZW, Zhou LQ, Shang K, Bosco DB, Wu LJ, Tian DS, Wang W (2018). Microglial TLR4-dependent autophagy induces ischemic white matter damage via STAT1/6 pathway. Theranostics, 5434-5451. PubMed
Bosco DB, Roycik MD, Jin Y, Schwartz MA, Lively TJ, Zorio DA, Sang QA (2017). A new synthetic matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor reduces human mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis. PLoS One, . PubMed
Cheng Z, Bosco DB, Sun L, Chen X, Xu Y, Tai W, Didier R, Li J, Fan J, He X, Ren Y (2017). Neural Stem Cell-Conditioned Medium Suppresses Inflammation and Promotes Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. Cell Transplant, 469-482. PubMed
Gu R, Sun X, Chi Y, Zhou Q, Xiang H, Bosco DB, Lai X, Qin C, So KF, Ren Y, Chen XM (2017). Integrin Beta3/Akt signaling contributes to platelet-induced hemangioendothelioma growth. Sci Rep, . PubMed
Rolfe AJ, Bosco DB, Broussard EN, Ren Y (2017). In Vitro Phagocytosis of Myelin Debris by Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages. J Vis Exp, . PubMed
Lively TJ, Bosco DB, Khamis ZI, Sang QX (2016). Assessment of Synthetic Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors by Fluorogenic Substrate Assay. Methods Mol Biol, 161-70. PubMed
Rolfe AJ, Bosco DB, Wang J, Nowakowski RS, Fan J, Ren Y (2016). Bioinformatic analysis reveals the expression of unique transcriptomic signatures in Zika virus infected human neural stem cells. Cell Biosci, . PubMed
Bosco DB, Kenworthy R, Zorio DA, Sang QX (2015). Human mesenchymal stem cells are resistant to Paclitaxel by adopting a non-proliferative fibroblastic state. PLoS One, . PubMed
Yan Y, Martin LM, Bosco DB, Bundy JL, Nowakowski RS, Sang QX, Li Y (2015). Differential effects of acellular embryonic matrices on pluripotent stem cell expansion and neural differentiation. Biomaterials, 231-242.. PubMed
Jin Y, Roycik MD, Bosco DB, Cao Q, Constantino MH, Schwartz MA, Sang QX (2013). Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors based on the 3-mercaptopyrrolidine core. J Med Chem, 4357-73. PubMed

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Yi Ren, Biomedical Sciences

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