Florida State University

Lily Barrett

Graduate Student
PDB C373


My research interests involve the integration of advanced behavioral techniques (such as optogenetics and virus-mediated neural circuit tracing) with brain slice electrophysiology and immunohistochemistry to parse out information about the underlying neurocircuitry of a behavior. Currently, my focus is on the feeding and reward circuits regulating food consumption and how dysfunctions in these circuits can lead to eating disorders.
Recent Publications
Gabriella M. Mamlouk, David M. Dorris, Lily R. Barrett, John Meitzen (2020). Sex bias and omission in neuroscience research is influenced by research model and journal, but not reported NIH funding. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology, 100835, ISSN 0091-3022.
Amanda A. Krentzel, Lily R. Barrett, and John Meitzen (2019). Estradiol rapidly modulates excitatory synapse properties in a sex- and region-specific manner in rat nucleus accumbens core and caudate-putamen. Journal of Neurophysiology, 1213-1225.

Faculty Advisor

Diana Williams, Psychology

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