Florida State University

Leonard LaPointe

Krafft Professor, School of Communication Science & Disorders
Communication Science & Disorders


Neurogenics: Memory; Attention, and Cognitive Disorders; Neuromotor Speech Disorders; Aphasia; Right Hemisphere Syndrome; Dementia; Traumatic Brain Injury; Role of Subcortical Structures in Language and Cognition; Psychosocial Aspects of Neural Damage; Quality of Life Measurement in Stroke; Aphasia; Dystonia; Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders
Recent Publications
Lenius K, Stierwalt J, LaPointe LL, Bourgeois M, Carnaby G, Crary M. (2015). Effects of Lingual Effort on Swallow Pressures Following Radiation Treatment.. J Speech Lang Hear Res., 687-97. PubMed
Gingrich LL, Stierwalt JA, Hageman CF, LaPointe LL. (2012). Lingual propulsive pressures across consistencies generated by the anteromedian and posteromedian tongue by healthy young adults.. J Speech Lang Hear Res, 960-72. PubMed
Kim IS, Lapointe LL, Stierwalt JA. (2012). The effect of feedback and practice on the acquisition of novel speech behaviors.. Am J Speech Lang Pathol, 89-100. PubMed
Richardson JD, Fillmore P, Rorden C, Lapointe LL, Fridriksson J. (2012). Re-establishing Broca's initial findings.. Brain Lang, 125-30. PubMed
Slovarp L, Azuma T, Lapointe L. (2012). The effect of traumatic brain injury on sustained attention and working memory. Brain Inj., 48-57. PubMed

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