Florida State University
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Leonard LaPointe

Francis Eppes Professor, School of Communication Science & Disorders

Communication and Information
CCI 509


Neurogenics: Memory; Attention, and Cognitive Disorders; Neuromotor Speech Disorders; Aphasia; Right Hemisphere Syndrome; Dementia; Traumatic Brain Injury; Role of Subcortical Structures in Language and Cognition; Psychosocial Aspects of Neural Damage; Quality of Life Measurement in Stroke; Aphasia; Dystonia; Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders
Recent Publications
Lenius K, Stierwalt J, LaPointe LL, Bourgeois M, Carnaby G, Crary M., Effects of Lingual Effort on Swallow Pressures Following Radiation Treatment., J Speech Lang Hear Res., 2015 PubMed
Richardson JD, Fillmore P, Rorden C, Lapointe LL, Fridriksson J., Re-establishing Broca's initial findings., Brain Lang, 2012 PubMed
Gingrich LL, Stierwalt JA, Hageman CF, LaPointe LL., Lingual propulsive pressures across consistencies generated by the anteromedian and posteromedian tongue by healthy young adults., J Speech Lang Hear Res, 2012 PubMed
Kim IS, Lapointe LL, Stierwalt JA., The effect of feedback and practice on the acquisition of novel speech behaviors., Am J Speech Lang Pathol, 2012 PubMed
Slovarp L, Azuma T, Lapointe L., The effect of traumatic brain injury on sustained attention and working memory, Brain Inj., 2012 PubMed

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