Florida State University

Kirill Korshunov

Biological Science
BRF 238


Our daily lives are coordinated by 24-hour biological processes called circadian rhythms. The mammalian olfactory bulb (OB), which processes chemical odor signals, can maintain independent circadian rhythms, even when separated from the rest of the brain. In the OB, circadian rhythms manifest in expression of certain genes, neuronal excitability, and odor sensitivity. My research focuses on the neuronal circuitry of the OB and the neuronal mechanisms that regulate its circadian rhythms. I utilize pharmacological and electrophysiological techniques to record neuronal excitability of OB neurons while also applying a neuropeptide that regulates the OB’s circadian rhythms. The goal of this research is to answer what neuronal mechanisms synchronize the independent circadian rhythms of the OB, and potentially other regions of the brain, as well.
Recent Publications
Korshunov KS, Blakemore LJ, Bertram R, Trombley PQ (2020). Spiking and membrane properties of rat olfactory bulb dopamine neurons. Front Cell Neurosci, .
Korshunov KS, Blakemore LJ, Trombley PQ (2017). Dopamine: A modulator of circadian rhythms in the central nervous system. Front Cell Neurosci, .

Faculty Advisor

Paul Trombley, Biological Science

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