Florida State University


Details on the Program in Neuroscience Curriculum may be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Students entering our program immediately begin working on research in the laboratory of their chosen major professor. First and second-year students take a series of required courses, and then there are a number of electives from which students may choose to complete their individual programs of study.

Required Courses

PCB 5845: Cell and Molecular Neuroscience

PSB 5341: Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience

PSB 5230C: Comparative Neuroanatomy with Laboratory

PSB 5057: Neuroscience Methods (aka Molecules to Behavior)

PSB 5077: Responsible Conduct of Research

PSY 6919: Research Design and Analysis (or equivalent)

Directed Individual Study: Two laboratory rotations, in addition to major professor’s laboratory, are required.

Core Electives

Must take at least 1 from cluster A and B

A. Physiology Cluster

BSC 5936: Membrane Biophysics

PCB 5795: Sensory Physiology

PCB 5137: Advanced Cell Biology

PCB 5747: Mammalian Physiology II

FAMU College of Pharmacy: Neuropharmacology

B. Behavioral Cluster

PSB 5406: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

PSB 6059: Behavioral Endocrinology

PSB 5347: Psycho-Neuropharmacology

EXP 5717 Animal Psychophysics

Additional electives and seminars

Other courses are offered each year, but do not satisfy these core cluster requirements. Examples include:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Advanced Molecular Biology
  • Immunology
  • Computational Methods in Biology
  • Seminar in Physiology
  • Seminar in Physiological Psychology
  • Seminar in Sensory Processes
  • Seminar in Genetics and Cell Biology