Florida State University
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Samantha Saland

Graduate Student
MSR 3310


Recent Publications
Saland SK, Schoepfer KJ, Kabbaj M, Hedonic sensitivity to low-dose ketamine is modulated by gonadal hormones in a sex-dependent manner, Sci Rep, 2016 PubMed
Carrier N, Saland SK, Duclot F, He H, Mercer R, Kabbaj M, The Anxiolytic and Antidepressant-like Effects of Testosterone and Estrogen in Gonadectomized Male Rats, Biol Psychiatry, 2015 PubMed
Rodefer JS, Saland SK, Eckrich SJ, Selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors improve performance on the ED/ID cognitive task in rats., Neuropharmacology, 2012 PubMed
Saland SK, Rodefer JS, Environmental enrichment ameliorates phencyclidine-induced cognitive deficits, Pharmacol Biochem Behav, 2011 PubMed
Droste SM, Saland SK, Schlitter EK, Rodefer JS, AM 251 differentially effects food-maintained responding depending on food palatability, Pharmacol Biochem Behav, 2010 PubMed

Faculty Advisor

Mohamed Kabbaj, Biomedical Sciences

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