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Rushton Symposium presents:

Special Alumni Edition

January 25, 2015

Features presentations by prominent neuroscientists on contemporary topics, and provides the graduate students with formal and informal interactions with these internationally recognized scholars. The Rushton Lecture series is named for neuroscientist W. A. H. Rushton (1901-1980), professor at the University of Cambridge before his "retirement" to Florida State University, who is renowned for his work in neuronal excitation and vision.

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The Speakers:

Dr. Jessica Brann

Loyola University Chicago

Fountain of Youth? Probing the "Age" of Neural Stem Cells

Dr. Angie Cason

Medical University of South Carolina

Hypothalamic Orexin and Conditional Food Seeking

Dr. David Dietz

Buffalo Univeristy: State University of New York at Buffalo

The Addicted Synapse: Mechanism of Synaptic Plasticity

Dr. Christie Fowler

University of California, Irvine

Neural Circuits Mediating Reward and Aversion in Nicotine Addiction

Dr. Eric Krause

University of Florida

Osmotic Dehydration Reveals Oxytocinergic Circuits that Dampen Stress Responsiveness and Promote Social Behavior

Dr. Alexander Nicholas

The Lemelson Foundation

Re-Imagining the Role of Scientist in Society

Dr. Chad Samuelsen

Stony Brook University: State University of New York

Cortical Integration of Anticipatory, Gustatory and Olfactory Signals

Dr. Brandy Wilkinson

Champions Oncology Inc.

PDX Models for Improved Translational Research and Preclinical Prediction

The Rushton Lecture Series is made possible by generous contributions from the Program in Neuroscience at FSU, SGA-COGS (NGSA), TMH, VWR & Charles River.