Florida State University
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Rushton Symposium presents:

Optogenetics and Related Techniques: Brain Circuit Function Revealed

March 22-23, 2013

Features presentations by prominent neuroscientists on contemporary topics, and provides the graduate students with formal and informal interactions with these internationally recognized scholars. The Rushton Lecture series is named for neuroscientist W. A. H. Rushton (1901-1980), professor at the University of Cambridge before his "retirement" to Florida State University, who is renowned for his work in neuronal excitation and vision.

The Speakers:

Dr. Richard Kramer

University of California at Berkeley

Inventing and Using Photochemical Tools for Controlling Neurons with Light

Dr. Garret Stuber

University of North carolina School of Medicine

Dissecting the Neural Circuitry that Mediates Reward and Aversion

Dr. David Dietz

University at Buffalo, SUNY

Cocaine-Induced Neuroplasticity: How GTPases Mediate Drug Addiction

Dr. Patrice Guyenet

University of Virginia School of Medicine

C1 Neurons: The Brain's EMTs

Dr. Mark Mayford

The Scripps Research Institute

Genetic Control of Memory Circuits

The Rushton Lecture Series is made possible by generous contributions from the Program in Neuroscience at FSU, SGA-COGS (NGSA), TMH, VWR & Charles River.